Sunday in family

“I drop my eyes and smile, when i hear my son’s car entering the driveway. In the air there is the smell of good things to eat, serenity and joy. Indeed, family.”

Sunday at lunch

Bassano del Grappa, Italy - 1.08 p.m.

If my daughter-in-law knew how much butter I add to the risotto, she would get scared.

However, I will never tell her it: this is one of those secrets that grandmothers must keep hidden like treasure. How else would they spoil their grandchildren? Valentina, my son’s wife, is very nice and sweet. Maybe a little bit obsessed with healthy food: my two grandchildren eat only fruit smoothies and organic yogurt snacks.

I have never tried to explain to her that the fruits bought at the supermarket don’t have anything to do with those grown on trees: I am not an intrusive mother-in-law! However, I admit it: when Gioia and Francesco are at my place, they do eat cakes.

I only give the
final touch
and then we bake

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