Authentic and valuable

“It's is not just about to build, but also to look for new ways to reach the beauty.”

Besides the design there is more

Design: an essential element that is the basis of the realization of Lago furniture. This is not only to build but also to look for new ways to reach the beauty.

There is a desire to explore and experiment new solutions, new ways of living the house. Lago products are a fortunate encounter of tradition and innovation, the result of which is never trivial.

A mix that gives wonderful fruits.

Therefore, it happens that wood is tired of being alone and decides to meet other materials. The mix is not only pleasant, but it also gives wonderful fruits: newborn wooden furniture with glass, fabric and metal inserts. Particular products, with a unique and refined aesthetics.

Lago Mobili, therefore, does not stop with the fusion of excellent craftsmanship and technology.

Unique and
refined aesthetics

Lago Mobili - Design

Hand skills, territory, design.

It is not even enough to own a centennial expertise of its territory. To achieve the desired result, authentic and valuable, it is necessary to combine all this with a unique design.

This is the basis of Lago furniture, what makes them unique and inimitable: hand skills, territory, design.