Art and creativity in the blood

“How not to love the land we walk on every day, where the stories of our ancestors were born?”

Lago Mobili is an Italian company, and more specifically from Veneto.

How not to love our hills, our rivers, our mountains and our spectacular landscapes? Being Italians is not something that can be explained simply by pointing out your finger on the map.

Everyone knows where the boot is, everybody knows about the magnificence of the beautiful country. But being Italian means something more. It means having in the blood art and creativity that have been handed down through generations. The Made in Italy is not just a phrase to be written on a label.

Made in Italy indicates competence, knowledge, know-how. Lago Mobili is an Italian company, and more specifically from Veneto.

Always being open to innovation.

Veneto is an extraordinary region that has much to teach and to offer. While being open to innovation, Lago Mobili does not want to lose the link with the territoriality and all it can give. In Veneto there are centuries-old skills to learn from: ignore them would be a huge waste.

The most common material is wood, to which are added - in a totally innovative way - glass, fabric, leather and metal. As for the glass, Murano boasts centuries-old traditions from which harvest. Not to mention the long history of the Venetian blacksmiths, who left priceless teachings.

Much to teach
and to offer

Lago Mobili - Handcraft

Know-how, tradition, innovation, technology.

The skills related to the Veneto region are manifold and extremely valuable.

Lago Mobili guards them jealously, integrating innovation and creating unique products. Know-how, tradition, innovation, technology; these are essential ingredients to be dosed carefully, to achieve high quality products that distinguishes Lago creations.